These are just a few, brief excerpts from my collection of letters from previous owners, guests, and charter brokers. I will be happy to furnish copies of any letters and contact information of referees upon request.

”…the owner and myself were especially pleased as to (Scott’s) ongoing relations with the charter brokers. He proved to be a favorite with the owner, his family and their guests. Scott proved to be a consummate professional in all of his dealings with the running of the vessel, and his respectful leadership enhanced always a good working environment for his crew.” -Lic. Luis Felipe Gonzalez- MY Golden Cell

“Many thanks once again for a simply great week onboard your vessel. A boat is not a boat without a crew and a great boat requires a great crew…and we couldn’t have picked a better bunch. I hope D’Natalin II’s owners appreciate what a professional and caring crew they have.” -John Risley, charter guest

”…(Scott) was a very competent manager of my 156’ Feadship, the M/Y D’Natalin II, for over two years.” -Dennis M. Jones- Owner

“ …(Scott) was chosen from his honest and frank attitude towards the running of a modern boat and his mature handling of its crew. We demand very high standards with all areas, (and) he has impressed us with his knowledge and full experience, and knows what is expected 24 hours a day.”- David and Elizabeth Parker- Owner MY Lady Columbo

“…Scott combined something unique while onboard Picante, a desire to make the yacht his top priority and the ability to market and promote the program with the utmost level of professionalism. He has truly been a blessing to our program.” - M. Churchward-Project Manager, Seafari Marine Group

“…Scott’s organization and thoughtfulness for our family and clients is going to be dearly missed…I have to give him the highest praises as not only a Captain, but also a friend to me and my family.”- Richard Strokis-Owner MY Absolut-Lee

”Thank you for being the professional you are…(this) is the reason I love to send my clients to you.” -Shannon Webster-Charter Broker

“…the charter onboard last week was very successful. The clients enjoyed it very much. They were very pleased with the yacht by especially the crew. They did a wonderful job! Mr. Miguel mentioned that everything was perfect, that it could not have been better. Please give my regards and thanks to Captain Scott and his crew.” -Adriana Leon di la Barra- Charter Broker

“…Scott’s work ethics are not something commonly found in the marine industry….there didn’t seem to be anything that he took on that he didn’t achieve. Please take notice in this young man, for he can shine in any situation I assure you.” -Tom Hirsh-President, Harbor Sailboats